Selecting the Right Door Is Critical

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Shopping for a door does not have to be a complicated.

At Toledo Door and Window we completely understand the importance from many aspects including the investment, asethic value, curb appeal, and of course the energy efficiency for continual seasonal weather changes in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

Toledo Door And Window - Toledo Ohio

Selecting the Right Entry Door

An entry door increase your home's character and value, plus most are guaranteed to save you money on heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the spring and summer.

Today everything is fully customizable when it comes to windows and doors so we suggest to take your time and visit the Toledo Door and Window showroom for a virtual test drive by bringing a photo of the exterior of your home to learn more.

Selecting the Right Garage Door

Three easy steps to finding your dream garage door... begins with:

  • Picking a Material... wood vs steel garage door... insulated or non-insulated... discover the beauty of wood or the durability and low maintainance of steel.
  • Choose your Style... with so many styles available... take your time and visit the Toledo Door and Window showroom for a virtual test drive by bringing a photo of the exterior of your home.
  • Find a Good, Professional Installer... choosing Toledo Door and Window says alot about what kind of home you own and lifestyle you want to enjoy in your home... with over 23 full-time sales, service and installation vehicles since 1974, prompt and professional service is our standard.

Are You Ready to Go Local?

Great! When you invest your home improvements with Toledo Door And Window you’re not just helping local business owners – you’re also helping yourself and your local economy. You’re making Northwest Ohio and Southeast better, a better place to live in, with rich window and door character, and a thriving economy.

Toledo Door And Window - Toledo Ohio

And the more local businesses like Toledo Door And Window prosper, the more other local businesses will too, making it even easier to continue shopping locally in the future. So call, email or stop by the Toledo Door And Window showroom at 5153 Secor Road in Toledo Ohio to begin your journey to new windows and doors today!


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