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Most problems in homes today can be avoided if we pay attention to the little signs of trouble - a squeek here, a shudder there - these are signs a bigger problem is coming!

Often it is human nature to wait for something to happen before something is considered or replaced. This is not always wise for safety or cost efficiency reasons.


  • Window develops ice or a frosty glaze inside a window pane...however, poor ventilation or not enough insulation may also be a factor
  • Feel a cold draft in the winter or a warm breeze during the spring or summer months when sitting or standing near window. Drafts are a clear sign of poor insulation and if left uncared for can significantly increase your energy bill over long periods of time.
  • Place a lit candle or lighter near a window's edge and if the flame flickers or completely goes out, your window weather stripping may need to be replaced.
  • If a window can no longer remain open on its own, or it requires propping open, the window is no longer considered in good working condition and should be replaced.
  • When a window becomes fogged with condensation a window seal may be failing. Seal failures can usually be repaired by replacing either the glazing or the entire window.

Garage Doors and Garage Openers:

  • Was your garage door opener installed prior to 1993? Why you ask? Since 1993, garage door openers have been required to have a safety reversing mechanism. It utilizes 2 sensors and if for instance a child or pet crosses the beam as it is coming down, it will stop and reverse - safe from an accident happening that cannot be undone.
  • If you can see the outside between the door and the wall, this is a sign that either your garage door needs weather stripping, which is an easy fix, or warping of your garage door has occurred.
  • Severely rusted and worn tracks and rollers can be very dangerous. Garage door tracks should be checked annually. Too much rust will prevent the garage door from opening and closing properly.
  • Noticable mold or mildew on the garage door. This is commonly found on wood garage doors.

Entry Doors:

  • The number one sign for replacement of an entry door is frame and sill rot which can, if left too long unmanaged, lead to structural damage to your home.
  • Is your entry door warped, cracked or dented? This weakened state of your entry door allows moisture and other structural problems to occur that may effect your home's energy efficiency.
  • Any problems with your entry door hardware - including hinges, locks and handles. This can be a safety issue waiting to happen.

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