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Steel - Wood - Vinyl... So many types and brands to choose from - but make no mistake, they are not all created the same!

Thoughts on Replacent Windows:

Vinyl and wood replacement windows each have many pros and cons. At Toledo Door and Window we always encourage the homeowner to consider their unique needs and the overall style they are trying to achieve. Vinyl and Wood Windows are both excellent options and each can be the clear window of choice - depending on the home and owner.

  • Maintenance. Vinyl replacement windows are maintenance-free. Wood frames require sealing or painting over the life of the window.
  • Reasonable Expense. Vinyl is less expensive than Wood ; but do not offer the same style and look.
  • Durability. If properly maintained, both wood and vinyl windows have excellent prospects for lasting for many years.
  • Desired Appearance. They are dramatically different. Historical homes demand wood windows to duplicate the original style, whereas vinyl windows are completely acceptable in newer houses. Vinyl works well in most modern home styles.

Thoughts on Garage Doors:

Steel and wood replacement garage doors each similar pros and cons. Again always consider your own unique needs and the overall style you are trying to achieve when making any decision. Steel and Wood Garage Doors are both excellent choices and each can be the clear choice for any homeowner, but here are some thoughts to consider before you buy:

  • Maintenance. Steel require less maintenance than wood by default.
  • Customization. Hands down, wood offers more choices.
  • Durability. Steel is lighter, but prone to denting.
  • Desired Appearance. They are dramatically different. Historical homes demand wood to duplicate the original style, whereas steel doors are very commonly found and offer a modern style.

No matter what you choose - Toledo Door and Window has your solution!

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